Welcome Fall

Yesterday a big group of us went up past Sacramento to Apple Hill.  It was the perfect outing to kick start my favorite season, Fall!  They have activities for all ages and all year long!  Check out their site here.

there was hardly any apples left on the trees
i love this time of year
all of us:)
i love his kisses
you can buy food to feed the animals
you can buy food or bring your own…..the trip tip sandwich was so good, i ate it all
the picture on the right has to be my favorite of the day.  am i really that heavy:)  i look like his kid! ha ha
she totally belongs there
delicious apple doughnuts
if you stick your thumb out, the man will give you a cored and peeled apple for free
$5 poney rides
wow, look at him juggle apples……pretty cool what photoshop can do
this is how we started our day and how we ended it
Happy Fall everyone!
October 3, 2011 - 11:55 pm

MEl :) - Love love love all the pictures! so fun!

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