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Everett Clayton Hamilton

Welcome to the world baby Everett!  You are so loved and I’m so glad I get to watch you grow. Mel and Phillip are some of our dearest friends and it is so exciting to finally watch them be parents after all the years they loved on our kids and our other friends’ kids!  Everett is […]

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Sweet Isabelle

This little girl is just SO adorable!  Isabelle’s parents allowed me to have creative control and what came out of it was, simple lifestyle photos, which I love!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!   The couple are renting a winemakers city home! The decorations in every where quirky and fun! […]

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My Harper Grace

I’m finally getting around to introducing my sweet Harper Grace, 2 months too late! Life has been cray wonderful! Lincoln is adjusting very well.  He LOVES her and is always giving her kisses.  Matt got his little girl and couldn’t be more excited to watch her grow! We feel beyond blessed by all that God has […]

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