…a newborn session



I love, love, love little babies!!!  Its my goal to make this experience fun, simple, and smooth for both mom and baby.

It’s ideal to photograph the baby between days 5 and 7 of the their life.  I know it sounds early but this is when they sleep through anything and are easily moldable.  The older they get the more awake they are, and are aware of what we are doing to them;).

Having someone contact me (through email, phone, or Facebook) when the baby has arrived will ensure that I can get you on the calendar in the ideal time frame.

I use natural light, so a location near a window or glass door with a lot of natural light coming in is best.  Paying attention to the sun will help determine the best time for the photo session.

Duration of the session varies from 1hr-2hrs.

You get three different looks for the session. One of those “looks” is usually mom, dad, and baby against a black backdrop.  Mom and Dad will need to wear a black long sleeved shirt for this look.

I encourage you to come up with one look/prop of your own so that your photos look unique.

Here are some etsy vendors that have great stuff:




What I bring:

a prop or two for you to choose from, if needed


heating pad

Black and White backdrop