My Harper Grace

I’m finally getting around to introducing my sweet Harper Grace, 2 months too late! Life has been cray wonderful! Lincoln is adjusting very well.  He LOVES her and is always giving her kisses.  Matt got his little girl and couldn’t be more excited to watch her grow!

We feel beyond blessed by all that God has given to us!  He provided the opportunity for us to move back to Patterson to be with our family, friends and church body!  He also orchestrated the sweetest deal in buying a fixer upper in the old part of town (another “before and after” post to come).  And now with the arrival of Harper we are so grateful to Him for her sweet presence!  He has given us more than we could have asked for or thought of and we are so undeserving! HE IS GOOD!

My dear friend Kayla came over to document these family photos of us.  Thanks Kayla!



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