A little about me

My name is Jacqueline Plaza but I mostly go by Jackie.   I LOVE my life and I have my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to thank for that. It is the most worthy and exciting life to live and there is no turning back for me. I am blessed to have a husband, Matt!  He is simply the best! His love for us reminds me of Jesus…sounds kinda corny but he is just so selfless!   This is our sweet little family! Lincoln and Harper are such a joy and we are kinda obsessed with them! 🙂 We welcomed Harper in March of 2016.

We are so happy God brought us back to Patterson after being gone for a year from our family and friends.  This is where we grew up and where we plan to raise our kids!  We were blessed with the opportunity to buy a SUPER CUTE house on the old part of town.   We always wanted a fixer upper and we got one!

I like decorating and moving furniture around all the time. I’m lucky Matt doesn’t care that stuff is never in the same place. I wake up to kisses from my son every morning. I”m obsessed with brown leather. I love going to Trader Joe’s and farmer’s markets for groceries. The cute packaging on things, gets me all the time! Flowers make me smile:). I’m a dark chocolate gal. I’m afraid of what I’d look like if I cut my hair short, so I don’t think I EVER will. I think kids and old people are the funnest to be around and the most honest;). I LOVE people and value all of the relationships that God has put in my life:).

A little about my photography approach

I discovered a love for photography nearly 16 years ago. I began to pursue it casually in high school, working with film and developing in the darkroom. I crossed over to digital as I began to get serious about making a career out of it. Although I shoot digital, I love for my work to emulate film photography. My approach is timeless. I use natural light in most circumstances and flash only when its necessary. I like to keep things clean, simple, natural, and beautiful! I have had the privilege to shoot weddings in many areas of California. Locations include: San Francisco, Sausalito, Napa Valley, Central Valley, Sonora, and I would love to photograph you, wherever you are!

Thank you,

Jackie Plaza

Jacqueline Plaza Photography


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